Traditionally, solar is mounted on a building’s roof, referred to as building-applied PV. But more architects are learning how to also incorporate solar cells and modules into things like curtain walls, roof tiles and railings known as building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

A BIPV system consists of solar cells or modules that are integrated in building elements or material as part of the building structure. This way, they replace a conventional building element, rather than attaching to one. BIPV modules not only generate electricity, they can also provide added functionality to the building. For example, they can provide sun protection, thermal insulation, noise protection or safety.

GDL Green Energy Group through its subsidiary SunTechnics, provides the Cyprus market with the top quality BIPV technology supported by the expertise of the top European BIPV suppliers.

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Solrif Roof integration

Our monocrystalline products install easily, and integrate seamlessly into your home’s preexisting roof structure. More energy to power everything you need.

A solar tile that fits your roof. With our Solrif solution, solar panels fit seamlessly into your roof and replace existing tiles. Use your roof to power your home. Smart and simple.

With Solrif roofing systems we combine the advantages of our high-quality photovoltaic panels with an original construction and design system.
• Installable on all roof types: The Solrif system is suitable for almost all roof types and can be installed on both existing roofs and buildings under construction.
• Timeless design: The invisible frame construction makes the glittering surface of the panels aesthetically appealing.
• Ease of installation: Thanks to its clever technology, the Solrif system can be installed very quickly, saving time and money.
• Replacement capability: Despite its timeless appearance, each individual panel of the system can be removed separately. In case of damage, the entire system does not need to be disassembled.
• Weather resistant: Thanks to the perfectly smooth surface of the panels, the water and snow simply glide and fall. Thanks to an additional cover underneath the panels, the Solrif system is even more waterproof than ordinary tiles. And, thanks to the highly durable fastening hooks, the aleo frames always stay in place.

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Solar glass for solar buildings

Aesthetic and highly resistant, the Elegante solar glass is the perfect solution for building integrated photovoltaics.

The future of solar energy is in buildings, to reduce their carbon footprint and bring them towards energetic autonomy.

If you are architect or building designer, we have created for you a photovoltaic glass solution that will simplify the use of solar energy within your projects, without compromising aesthetic and quality.

The Elegante solar glass features a solid construction with 2 x 4mm glass, safety glass with architectural certification (abZ from DIBt). Everything for reliable building integrated photovoltaics. The Elegante solar glass is perfect for architectural projects where aesthetic counts. It can be integrated in projects as diverse as solar carports or facades.  Equipped with our leading high-efficiency monocrystalline technology, the Elegante will not only seamlessly integrate in a building, it will also make the best use of each square meter of surface to produce a maximum of energy.

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