Suntechnics is a member of  GREEN ENERGY GROUP which provides effective solutions in the fields of Renewable Energy, Energy Saving, Heating, Air Conditioning and Energy Services.

Suntechnics is a continuously growing company in the field of Photovoltaic Systems. It operates exclusively in the field of energy production using a vast amount of solar energy. The company provides high quality products and services for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Take advantage of the opportunity with a subsidy worth of €250 / kW with a maximum of €1000 for the installation of a Photovoltaic System in your home! The application period is until 20/12/2020 or until the maximum available capacity reaches.
Vulnerable social groups are subsidy beneficiaries (€750/kW with the maximum amount set to €3750).

Please contact us at 25 734911, 99789405 or via email info@geg.com.cy for more details on the criteria and conditions. Take advantage of the Scheme for Installing a Net Metering Photovoltaic System in 2020.



Our vision & mission

Our vision is to be the leading Cyprus company in the field of green energy solutions, dynamically contributing to the global effort to fight the climate change having the environmental conservation as our ultimate goal.

Our mission is to provide customized and distinguished high-quality solutions based on the customers’ needs for the use and exploitation of solar energy.

Our values

• Responsibility
• Innovation
• Result Oriented
• Consistency
• Service
• Teamwork
• Development
• Health & Safety
• Human Resources
• Corporate Social Responsibility

We offer solutions for

• Residences
• Shops
• Industries
• Shopping Centers
• Hotels
• Leisure Places
• Offices
• Large Buildings
• Illuminated Signs
• Investment Funds

Main activities

Suntechnics undertakes the Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of grid-connected photovoltaic systems, in residential and commercial/industrial premises. By installing a photovoltaic system, the consumer automatically also becomes an electricity producer in order to fully or partially cover his energy needs.

The Photovoltaic Water Pumping and Recycling systems are installed to power the conventional pumps directly from the PV system. Therefore, in water recycling systems, the electrical consumption of the pump is nullified and through water pumping systems savings and/or annihilation of oil use can be achieved.

A standalone photovoltaic system is installed in an area not covered by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus’ grid. In this case, the system can fully match the energy needs of the premises. Furthermore, it can be installed for lighting purposes in roads, parks and other public spaces.

Solar Thermal Systems are supportive energy-saving systems that can be connected to the central heating system of the premises. These systems can be used for heating, hot water – for the daily needs – of the premises and for increasing the water temperature of the pool.

– Pre-construction: Final design, selection of equipment and materials, assessment and collection of EPC, contract creation and evaluation.

– Construction: Project supervision during the construction phase according to the technical specifications and deadlines.

– Inspection & Delivery Period: Initial and continuous inspection during the first operation period of the park, until the project is fully delivered.

After project implementation, Suntechnics aims to maximize the energy production and the proper operation of the photovoltaic parks through the maintenance services:
– Remote monitoring & 24/7 on-call service
– Preventive maintenance (electrical measurements, thermography, reporting, etc.)
– Corrective maintenance (immediate repair of all types of failures)
– Cleaning of photovoltaic modules and trimming vegetation