Energy & Beyond is the subsidiary company that provides integrated energy saving solutions and the connecting pillar of all the products and services of the Group. In line with the demands of our times, the Group has founded Energy & Beyond with the aim to cover the needs of industries and large consumers in energy upgrades and energy savings.  


ESCOs – Energy Services Companies

Energy & Beyond is the first company in Cyprus which has registered as ESCO - Energy Services Company, with the aim to provide integrated energy-upgrade solutions to industries and large consumers. Being an ESCO, the company takes over the implementation of the whole project and also offers financing for the project, through the Group’s ENERGY FUND.

Energy Audit  

Energy & Beyond runs energy audits, on behalf of clients. Energy Audit is a procedure that includes the use of the electronic platform measuring tool, in combination with the energy saving and RES studies. The result of this procedure is the verification of energy savings after the implementation of the proposed project.

The necessary measuring instruments of energy audit are:

  • Meter U Value

  • Luxmeter

  • Thermocamera

  • Recorder of temperature – humidity

  • Gas Analyzer

  • Anemometer

  • Analyzer and electricity Logger

  • Humidity detector

  • Metering equipment of physical dimensions

Energy Management through Electronic Monitoring Platform

With the use of specialized systems and programs, the company can manage and monitor the energy consumption of a premise.

The company’s systems and programs can be used as follows:

  • Energy consumption monitoring platform for energy audits

  • Technical means for measurement and verification of energy savings for the various projects

  • Reporting and billing tool for various projects through energy performance contract (ESCo)

  • Tool which can provide the basis for monitoring large consumers by offering them consulting energy management services (Energy Management)

  • Platform which can accommodate tender projects, in terms of monitoring the production and preparation of reports.

  • Platform which can accommodate the project management of projects of the open energy market.

Studies - Energy Saving Consultancy Services

Energy & Beyond may carry out studies and provide consultancy services to industrial, commercial and residential consumers in order to increase the energy efficiency of the installation and reduce power consumption. In the case of industrial and commercial consumers the procedure is done through energy audit and the use of electronic monitoring platform. In the case of residential customers, it can be done through energy audit summary and preparation of an Energy Performance Certificate (SPO). In order to provide all the above services Energy & Beyond employs two energy class A + B auditors, specialized in Mechanical and Electrical - Electronic Engineering, who are experts in the fields of Energy and Renewable Energy Sources.

Planning, Design and Management of RES-Renewable Energy Sources and ES-Energy Saving projects

Energy & Beyond can undertake the design and planning of projects of renewable energy sources and energy saving as the main technical activity for all the above. Also, the company can undertake projects from start to finish, as well as maintenance services, in collaboration with the other subsidiaries of the Group which offer a wide range of products of Energy Saving, Renewable Energy and Air Conditioning.