Sun Technics operates exclusively in the sector of energy production with the use of ample solar energy. The company serves domestic, commercial and industrial clients, providing products and services of the highest quality.

The company is an innovator in the design, sale, installation and maintenance of:

• Solar Systems (Residential, commercial)
• Grid connected Photovoltaic Systems (Net Metering & Self Production)
• Autonomous systems (PV Stand Alone Systems)
• Solar Pumping & Water Recycling Systems

Also, based on the expertise, experience and excellent know-how of its personnel, and in collaboration with CYPV Energy, Sun Technics undertook the design and installation of large scale solar parks.

Products / Services

Project Management and Operation & Maintenance for Large Scale Photovoltaic Parks
The company has taken over the management, operation and maintenance for 20 years, of solar parks, amounting 11.9MW, thus becoming a pioneer in the design, sale, installation and maintenance of solar parks. The plants under construction are 5 solar parks that will be connected to EAC network and produce energy for consumption. Energy generated from photovoltaic stations reduces emissions and energy cost, thus benefiting the environment and the economy.

Net Metering Systems
Based on a governmental decision, since the beginning of 2016 the Net Metering system can also be installed on commercial premises, apart from residences. The maximum capacity of the Net Metering system is set from 3kW to 5kW, depending on the needs of the premise. The Net Metering system enables the direct use of the energy produced by the photovoltaic and at the same time, electricity trading with EAC, depending on the electricity needs of the premise. More specifically, should the premise requires more electricity than that generated from the PV, the consumer can purchase the additional needed kilowatt-hours from the Electricity Authority. If however, the premise has less electricity needs, the consumer can then utilize the surplus electricity generated from the PV over the following two month billing period. The transfer of surplus is only valid within the current year.

Self-generation Systems
Industries and other businesses that are housed in private buildings, it is recommended to install on their premises a photovoltaic system that covers all their energy needs, therefore achieving significant energy savings. The capacity of the self-generation systems is set between 20 kW-2MW.

Autonomous photovoltaic/Stand-alone (residential, lighting)
The autonomous photovoltaic system is installed on premises placed in areas not covered by EAC network. Therefore, the system fully covers the energy needs of the premise. Autonomous photovoltaic systems can also be installed for the purposes of street lighting and lighting of public parks and other public areas.

Recycling and pumping water with solar panels
The Solar Water Pumping Systems and Water Recycling Pool Systems have proven to be economically efficient with a 100% energy saving and exemption from the current electricity network. These systems are used for:
Recycling of pool water
Water pumping from drilling
Filling large water tanks suitable for agricultural use
These systems do not require conventional fuel and do not require constant maintenance.

Solar Thermal systems (residential and commercial)
Solar Thermal systems are support energy saving systems that work with the central heating system of the premise/residence, regardless of type. These systems are used for:
Heating with back up central heating system (new or existing ones)
Domestic hot water (daily needs of the premises)
Contribution to the increase of pool water temperature

Contribution to ESCOs projects
The GDL Green Energy Group finances and implements energy upgrade projects, on behalf of clients. This service is provided by Energy & Beyond, also a subsidiary of Green Energy Group, which is registered as ESCO-Energy Services Company. Sun Technics contributes to the implementation of ESCO projects, covering the aspect of energy upgrades associated with the use of solar energy.

Contribution to the implementation of projects by the ENERGY FUND set up by the Group Shareholders and various entrepreneurs
The Energy Fund provides financing of energy saving and energy upgrade projects, on behalf of businesses or other private operators. Sun Technics contributes to the project implementation process.